Health Insurance

When you need health insurance in Ohio, the Stacy Agency is the best resource to turn to. We will help you obtain the health insurance coverage you need without any hassles or delays. Our knowledge of state requirements means you’ll learn everything you need to know about the subject.

Short Term vs Long Term
In Ohio, you can obtain short term or long-term health insurance plans. Short-term insurance lasts 364 days. After that time period has passed, you can’t renew the plan. If you obtain short term insurance, you must submit to reviews, both external and internal. You may find that you need to obtain short-term insurance if you are ever in-between jobs.

Also known as gap insurance, short term health insurance offers you much more flexibility than long term does. You only must pay for it in six months to 12-month increments if that is the amount of time you need it for. The application process for short-term insurance is much quicker than the long-term and you get approved for it in a shorter period.

Handling A Denial of Health Insurance
If you apply for health insurance and are denied, you have some options for how to handle it. In general, your first step is to appeal the decision and ask for reconsideration. The next step, if necessary, would be to take your case in front of the General Attorney’s Office. Your case will then likely be reviewed and a determination will be made. In most cases, this resolves the issue. With a resolution that you are satisfied with legal action would be your next step.

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