Boat/Watercraft Insurance

Many families enjoy spending time on Ohio’s waterways. By investing in a boat, they are creating special moments together. Before boat owners head out, they need to be covered with a boat insurance policy. This also protects anyone who joins them on an outing. Boat/watercraft insurance policies have different features than auto insurance policies. At the Stacy Agency, we work with boaters throughout the Ohio area to make sure that they have the coverage they need. Our agents take the time to get to know our clients and understand their needs before suggesting options.

When they purchase a boat, many people erroneously believe that it will be covered by their home insurance policy. In the instance of some very small boats, this may be true. However, most boats are not in this category. Our agents will discuss your coverage options depending on the size of the boat and how often it is used. For larger boats and yachts used in international waters, different coverage will be needed than those used on area lakes.

Standard boat/watercraft insurance policies provide liability protection. It will also cover physical damage to the craft. If anyone is injured on the boat, the liability coverage will protect the owner. The coverage should also include all mechanical equipment. The policy should also address theft and vandalism. If your boat is only used a couple of weekends a year, your agent may be able to suggest policy options that can lower your premium. Also, investigate underinsured/uninsured boater coverage. The policy will also protect all your personal possession on the boat including sports equipment.

In Ohio, many enjoy heading out of the area lakes to enjoy the natural scenery. At the Stacy Agency, our agents want to make sure that you have boat/watercraft insurance before you head out. It just takes a few moments to get the financial protection that you need. You invested in your boat. Call us today for the coverage you need!